Howdy! While I have had several biographies written by others, I want to share who I am from a Phil Bob’s eye view. I am a man who loves the Lord, people, and the arts. I’m easy going, I smile more than some people breathe, I have a Will Rogers type of humor, and I have been in a good mood most of my life. Problems are simply young victories to me and I tend to walk on the sunny side of things. Every morning I wake up smiling and just ”happy to be.”  In fact, I often muse that if I had a tail, I’d wag it!

    I have three sons, men of character and integrity, that are off exploring their lives so I am now at the point where I can go where ever and do whatever I want. Yay! I would have to say that my approach to painting and life in general is “the pursuit of excellence.” It’s not a destination but a heart and mindset. In this pursuit, it is realizing that you can always see farther than you can throw. One’s vision is always bigger and farther than our ability to apply it. My only competition is my yesterday. Consequently, each day I strive to apply and improve on what I have learned.

    While I work hard, it hardly feels like working. I am already living my passion — being a professional artist. No matter the medium:  painting, sculpting, music, or writing, I love the arts. I am soooooooo right brained. Everything I do is seen through the lens of the creative process. Like many creative people, my mind operates like a cell phone with at least five apps open and running at all times.

     I have been painting clouds and skyscapes for the last ten years. I haven’t even scratched the surface of all that I want to explore in this genre. When I first decided to focus on painting clouds, a good friend asked me if I was afraid of being pigeon holed. My response was that when I pick what I paint, it’s not a pigeon hole but a passion. I feel great joy with each and every painting. My goal is to illustrate the glory of what God shows us each and every day, in each and every sky.

    The purpose of this blog  and website is to share remembrances, insights, and little snippets of what life is like for an artist. Art enthusiasts, collectors, and the curious are invited and welcome to join me in this art adventure.                                                                                  Phil Bob Borman

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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